Kerala psc Questions

Model Questions and Answers for preparing the upcoming Store Issuer Grade 2 Examination.

Correct Answers are Shown in Blue Color

1. The period of Indus Valley civilization:
(a)4500 – 3000 BC
(b)1500 – 1000 BC
(c)3000 – 1500 BC
(d)1000 – 500 BC

2. Language spoken by most number of people in the world:

3. The Governor General who introduced Subsidiary Alliance System?
(a)Lord William Bentick
(b)Lord Cornwallis
(c)Lord Wellesly
(d)Lord Dalhousie

4. The year in which the first general election was held:

5. Human Rights Day is on:
(a)October 30
(b)November 30
(c)January 15
(d)December 10

6. Which of the following is the major port in India:

7. Which of the following is not a member of UNO?

8. The Kalinga war changed the life of:

9. The International Court of Justice is in:
(b)New York

10. What was the importance of the date 13 April 1919?
(a)Jalianwala Bagh Massacre
(b)Salt Satyagraha
(c)Simon Commission
(d)Non Co- operation Movement

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