Chemistry General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Chemistry General Knowledge Questions and Answers for all exam preparation.

1. Who discovered Hydrogen?
Answer: Hendry Cavendish

2. Who gave Hydrogen that name?
Answer: Lavosier

3. Which gas was discovered by Daniel Rutherford?
Answer: Nitrogen

4. Who discovered Oxygen?
Answer: Joseph Priestly
Chemistry General Knowledge Questions and Answers
5. Fluorine was extracted for the first time by:
Answer: Henri Moissan

6. Which is the oldest anaesthetic in the world:
Answer: Aspirin

7. The chemical that imparts yellow color to glass:
Answer: Cadmium sulphide

8. Lead Chromate imparts …………….. color to rubber products:
Answer: Yellow

9. The chemical used in photographic films:
Answer: Silver Bromide

10. The poisonous gas formed when plastic is burned:
Answer: Dioxine

11. Which metal is used to make the covering of nuclear reactors?
Answer: Lead

12. Which is added to petrol to reduce knocking:
Answer: Tetra Ethyl Lead

13. The first organic compound prepared in laboratory:
Answer: Urea

14. Which is known as ‘Artificial Silk’?
Answer: Rayon

15. Which one of the following is an isotope of Hydrogen?
Answer: All of these

16. The formula of Hard Water:
Answer: D2O

17. Chemical used by USA in Vietnam War:
Answer: Agent orange

18. Heaviest gas:
Answer: Uranium Hexaflouride

19. The chemical that turns silver ornaments into black:
Answer: Hydrogen sulphide

20. The Nitrogen compound used as both fertilizer and explosive:
Answer: Ammonium Nitrate

21. The bubbles in Champagne are:
Answer: Carbon dioxide

22. When you chop onions, your eyes can burn because a chemical reaction produces:
Answer: Sulphuric acid

23. Humans excrete most nitrogen based wastes in urine using which molecule?
Answer: Urea

24. What pigment is most directly responsible for the brown color of faces?
Answer: Bilirubin

25. The chemical known as thimerosol has been used to preserve saline solutions and vaccines. Thimerosol contains which metal?
Answer: Mercury

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