Questions Related to Plants

Questions and Answers Related to Plants

Titles of Plants and Fruits

1. Which fruit is called wonder nut?
Ans. Cashew nut

2. Which plant is called golden shower tree?
Ans. Kanikkonna (Cassia fistula)

3. Which is the costliest spice in the world?
Ans. Saffron

4. Which plant is called India’s golden thread?
Ans. Jute

5. Which spice is called black gold?
Ans. Pepper

6. Which spice is called ‘queen of spices’?
Ans. Cardamom

7. Which is the king of spices?
Ans. Pepper

8. What pigment gives carrot its orange color?
Ans. Beta Carotene

9. Which plant is called mother of herbs?
Ans. Coleus aromaticus

10. Which is called king of herbs?
Ans. Ganoderma (a fungus)

11. What is vegetable gold?
Ans. Saffron

12. Which plant grows the fastest?
Ans. Bamboo

13. Which is the slowest growing plant?
Ans. Saguaro (a Cactus plant)

14. Which is called princess of spices?
Ans. Vanilla

15. Which fruit is called king of fruits?
Ans. Mango

16. Which fruit is called love apple?
Ans. Tomato

17. Which is the largest fruit in the world?
Ans. Jackfruit

18. Which plant reproduces the fastest?
Ans. Wolffia microscopica

19. Which vegetable has the lowest calorific value?
Ans. Cabbage

20. What is the source of turpentine?
Ans. Pine

21. From which plant litmus is prepared?
Ans. Lichens

22. Which plant is called a living fossil?
Ans. Ginkgo

23. Which plant is called Bodhi tree?
Ans. Banyan tree

24. Which fruit has the highest calorific value?
Ans. Avocado

25. What is the Japanese art of growing dwarf plants called?
Ans. Bonsai

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