Questions Related to Acids

Presence of Acid

  • Grapes, Tamarind – Tartaric acid
  • Vinegar – Acetic acid
  • Orange, lemon – Citric acid
  • Curd – Lactic acid
  • Tea – Tannic acid
  • Apple – Malic acid
  • Tomato – Oxalic acid
  • Ants – Formic acid
  • Soda – Carbonic acid
  • Urine - Uric acid
  • Stomach – Hydrochloric acid

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  1. i have some doubts in missiles using india ..pls anybody can explain it..

  2. Prithvi - Surface to Surface missile range 250 km
    Agni I - Surface to surface Intermediate range ballistic Missile range 700km
    Agni II - Range 2000km
    Agni III - Nuclear capable Ballistic missile capable of striking targets 3500km
    Trishul - Short range surface to air missile range 9 km
    Akash - medium range surface to air missile range 4-7km
    Pinaka - multi barrel rocket launcher, Can fire 12 missiles within seconds
    Nag - Anti-tank guided missile of the fire and forget type.
    Sagarika - cruise missile capable of striking in the sea
    Dhanush - Ship to ship missile range 150km
    Prithvi II - Range 350 km
    Astra - Air to air missile target up to 110km
    Shourya - Surface to Surface missile range 600km.