Typist/Clerk Exam Previous Question paper

Solved Previous Question paper of Kerala PSC Typist/Clerk Examination held on: 24/1/2009.

1. The currency of European Union:
Answer: Euro

2. The data is stored in a computer in the device called:
Answer: Hard disk

3. The temperature know as absolute zero:
Answer: O K or 273.15 degree C

4. Dynamo was discovered by:
Answer: Michael Faraday
Kerala PSC Typist/Clerk Exam Previous Question paper
5. First Indian Scientist to won Nobel Prize is:
Answer: C.V Raman

6. Shakunthala, Raguvamsa & Kumarasambjava were the famous work of:
Answer: Kalidasa

7. Dr. Shivago is the novel written by:
Answer: Boris Pasternak

8. Bokaro, famous for steel Industry, is in the state of:
Answer: Jharkand

9. NASSCOM is the organization of:
Answer: Indian Software Companies

10. First woman Judge of the Supreme Court of India is:
Answer: Fathima Beevi

11. 4, 14, 44 ……… next number in the given serried is:
Answer: 84

12. Rajayavarchan Singh Rathore is related to:
Answer: Shooting

13. ‘A blindfolded woman holding a balanced weighing scale’ is the symbol of:
Answer: Justice

14. “Sunderban Tiger reserve is the National Park in:
Answer: West Bengal

15. Marianas Trench is the place of greatest known depth in:
Answer: Pacific Ocean

16. First Champions of the Twenty -20 cricket World cup:
Answer: India

17. The film won the Best film award of State Government in the year 2007:
Answer: Adayalangal

18. 20% of 10 % of 10% of 200 is :
Answer: .4

19. Kendra Sangeetha nataka Academy was set up in the year of:
Answer: 1952

20. Chairman of the Rajyasabha is:
Answer: Vice President

21. Valentine Tereshkova is the:
Answer: First woman cosmonaut

22. 1 + 0.1+ 0.01+ 0.0001 is :
Answer: 1.111

23. Judges of the Supreme Court hold office till the age of:
Answer: 65

24. The wheel in the National flag is the reproduction of the wheel on the Lion Capital of Asoka Pillar at:
Answer: Saranath

25. Kerala Kalamandalam is in the district of:
Answer: Thrissur

26. Instrument used to measure the pressure of gases:
Answer: Manometer

27. Washing soda is chemically:
Answer: Sodium Carbonate

28. Largest gland in human body is:
Answer: Liver

29. Garuda Airways is the official airlines of :
Answer: Indonesia

30. Paleontology is the study of:
Answer: Fossils

31. Periodic table is the table that contains:
Answer: Elements

32. Identify the Odd one:
a) Carpenter: wood
b) Painter : Brush
c) plumber: pipes
d)Mason : Bricks
Answer: b) Painter : Brush

33. Fourth Estate is the term used to denote:
Answer: Press

34. Stratosphere is a layer of:
Answer: Atmosphere

35. The element that dose not have neutrons in its atom is:
Answer: Hydrogen

36. Which is one of the following is not a non- conventional energy source?
a) Nuclear Energy
b) Solar Engery
c) Wind engery
d) Tidal energy
Answer: a) Nuclear Energy

37. Typhoid fever is caused by:
Answer: Bacteria

38. Which of the following state does not have bi-cameral legislature?
a) Bihar
b) Karnataka
c) Maharashtra
d) Rajasthan

39. Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime minister of India, was assassinated at:
Answer: Sriperumbathur

40. The first India Satellite Aryabhatta was lanunched in the year 1975 from:
Answer: Soviet Union

41. Both Diamond and Grahite are the forms of:
Answer: Carbon

42. The Standard distance to be covered in marathon race is:
Answer: 26 miles 385 yards

43. Which of the following is anti-knocking agent?
Answer: Tetraethyl lead

44. Which one of the following is known as silent killer?
Answer: Blood Pressure

45. Identify the website of Kerla Government:
Answer: www.kerala.gov.in

46. Capital of Uttar Pradesh is:
Answer: Lucknow

47. Hinayana and Mahayana are the two divisions of:
Answer: Buddhism

48. Din illahi was the religion founded by:
Answer: Akbar

49. Tsunami hit the southern coast of Indian Peninsula was on:
Answer: 24th December 2004

50. Mc Mohan Line is the line between India and ........?
Answer: China

51. Who designed the Malayalam typewriter key?
Answer: N. S Pandala

52. Master Key in English Typewriter:
Answer: N

53. Width of a typewriter ribbon is:
Answer: ½ inch

54. How many types of scales in typewriter?
Answer: 4

55. Location of Rachet wheel is:
Answer: Left side of cylinder

56. Home keys in English typewriter:
Answer: asdf :lkj

57. Location of universal bar in halda typewriter:
Answer: In front of segment

58. Which part does not need oil as lubricant?
Answer: Feed rolls

59. Two color are stamping while using two colour ribbon. It is called:
Answer: Bleeding

60. The Remington company manufactured their 1st Typewriter in the year:
Answer: 1896

61. Universel keyboard came into effect in the year:
Answer: 1986

62. Cylinder of typewriter covered by:
Answer: Hardened Rubber

63. The part supplying paper to impression roller is called:
Answer: Feed tray

64. While addressing a cover “His Excellency’ is using, before:
Answer: Governor

65. How many types of stencil paper are available?
Answer: 2

66. How may Rubber Feet for the typewriter?
Answer: 4

67. In two colored ribbon red is:
Answer: Bottom portion

68. Another name of Tabulator stop is:
Answer: Tabulator bits

69. Most of the metal letter are made with:

70. Which Brush is not using for typewriter claming:
Answer: Stencil Brush

71. Father of Computer:
Answer: Charles Babage

72. Internet came into force in India in the year of:
Answer: 1995

73. Standard using High level language in Internet:
Answer: Java

74. Top most computer operating system in the world:
Answer: Windows

75. How many bits are in a byte?
Answer: 8 bits

76. White pacific is know as:
Answer: Super computer

77. Which one is know as brain of computer:
Answer: CPU

78. Most Popularized computer chip manufacturing company in the world:
Answer: Intel corporation

79. On line banking system introduced in India at first by:
a) Indian Bank
b) Federal bank
c) SBT

80. 1st Techno park established in India at:
Answer: Thiruvananthapuram

81. Super computer ABUPAM developed in India by:
c) IBM

82. Computers are linked world wide for communication system is called:
Answer: Internet

83. Inventor of E-mail system is:
Answer: Ray Tomlinson

84. ATM stands for:
Answer: Automatic Teller Machine

85. PAN stands for:
Answer: Permanent Account Number

86. ROM Stands for:
Answer: Read only memory

87. DOS stands for:
Answer: Disk Operating System

88. VDU stands for:
Answer: Visual Display Unit

89. Extension code of Excel files:
Answer: .XLS

90. Which among the following is correct?
a) Neither he nor I am in the wrong
b) Either he nor I are in the wrong
c) Neighter he nor I am in the wrong
d) None of these

91. Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition:

92. Choose the correct sentence:
a) She said she have money
b) She said that she had money
c) She says she had money
d) She said that she has money

93. Which of the following phrase means “attain?”
a) get about
b) get at
c) get on
d) get over

94. Choose the correct word:
Ans. a) Bureau
b) Buroeu
c) Buroue
d) Burueo

95. Which is the correct plural of diagnosis:
a) Diagonose
b) Diagonosi
c) Diagnoses
d) Diagonoci

96. The Typewriter was invented by William Henry Mill in the year:
Answer: 1714

97. Hard Cylinder of typewriter is used for:
Answer: Stencil cutting

98. Name of commonly approved key board for all typewriters:
Answer: Universal

99. Gap between lines equal to letters is called:
a) Indent
b) Block style
c) Alignment
d) Justification

100. Guide keys in English typewriters:
Answer: a

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