PSC Model Questions and Answers

PSC Model Questions and Answers

1. Pallavan Double Plus and Pallavan Muthusaram RD are deposit schemes that belong to:
Answer: Indian Bank

2. Indian Constituent Assembly adopted the design of Indian National flag on?
Answer: July 22, 1947

3. The Indian National Anthem was sung for the first time in the year ……
Answer: 1911

4. National fruit of India is?
Answer: Mango
PSC Model Questions and Answers

5. When was the 42nd Amendment of the Constitution adopted?
Answer: 1976

6. Department of Agricultural Research and Education comes under the Ministry of ….…
Answer: Agriculture

7. An insurance plan, ‘JiyoFit’, has been launched by …….
Answer: Bajaj Allianz

8. Where is the National Institute of Smart Government located?
Answer: Hyderabad

9. Defender Z+ is a …
Answer: Locker

10. Asia’s 1st EPZ was set up at …
Answer: Kandla

11. In which year was the Integrated Defence Staff formed?
Answer: 2001

12. How many Integrated Test Ranges does DRDO have?
Answer: 2

13. The Integrated Education for Disabled Children scheme was launched in …
Answer: 1974

14. When was the Rural Electrifi -cation Corporation Limited incorporated as a Company under Companies Act, 1956?
Answer: 1969

15. Fort William is located in ….…
Answer: Kolkata

16. The Indian Tennis player who turned to Hollywood filmmaking is …
Answer: Vijay Amritraj

17. Tritum is an isotope of ……
Answer: Hydrogen

18. In which country would you buy things using Lira?
Answer: Italy

19. What does the acronym cc in an email mean?
Answer: Carbon Copy

20. Which country will host the Commonwealth Games 2014?
Answer: Scotland

21. The Vrindavan Gardens are located in….…
Answer: Mysore

22. For measuring the diameter of a thin wire, you would use …….
Answer: Screw gauge

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