Sports GK Questions

Sports related questions and answers for all psc exam preparations.

1. Who was known as Ebony Antelope?
Answer: Jesse Owens

2. Whose nick name was ‘Tiger of Sports’?
Answer: Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi

3. Who was known as ‘Black pearl of Football’?
Answer: Pele

4. Who was known as ‘Hockey wizard’?
Answer: Major Dhyan Chand
Sports GK Questions

5. Whose nick name is ‘Payyoli express’?
Answer: PT Usha

6. Who is widely considered the greatest batsman of all time?
Answer: Don Bradman

7. The first to score triple century in Test cricket:
Answer: Don Bradman

8. The fastest century in test cricket by:
Answer: Vivian Richards

9. World Cup football was not held during the years:
Answer: 1942,1946

10. The award given to the best goal keeper in world cup football:
Answer: Yashin Award

11. The two year interval between Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics was instituted in the year:
Answer: 1992

12. Ranji Trophy was introduced in:
Answer: 1934

13. The winners of the first Twenty-20 cricket tournament:
Answer: India

14. India won the 1983 Cricket World Cup by …………… runs:
Answer: 43

15. Who was the captain of the West Indies team when India become the winners of 1983 Cricket World Cup?
Answer: Clyve Lioyd

16. Which country hosted the Asian Games most number of times?
Answer: Thailand

17. The first national games was held n:
Answer: 1985

18. The first Afro-Asian Games was held in 2003 in:
Answer: Hyderabad

19. The largest football tournament in India:
Answer: Santosh Trophy

20. COPA America Cup is related to:
Answer: Football

21. The term ‘Bull’s eye’ is related to:
Answer: Shooting

22. The highest award given in the field of sports in India:
Answer: Khel Ratna Award

23. Which is known as ‘the kning of sports’?
Answer: Horse racing

24. The city in India famous for sports goods:
Answer: Jallandur

25. National Sports Institute of India is named after:
Answer: Netaji Shubhas Bose

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