PSC Practice Test Questions

Practice Questions and Answers for preparing Upcoming Assistant Salesman Examination.

Correct Answers are Shown in Blue Color

1. The disease caused by the deficiency of Vitamin A:
(d)Beri Beri

2. Founder of Jainism:
(a)Vardhamana Mahavira

3. River Ob. Irtysh is in:
(c)South America

4. Human Rights Day is observed all over the world every year on:
(a)10th December
(b)25th December
(c)7th November
(d)24th October

5. Sumatra is situated in:
(a)Pacific Ocean
(b)Indian Ocean
(c)North Atlantic Ocean
(d)South Atlantic Ocean

6. The insect which lays eggs in water is:

7. Gobi desert is in:
(b)South Africa

8. Genes are located on:
(b)Nuclear membrane

9. Equatorial Diameter of earth:
(a)12756 km
(b)6377 km
(c)40067 km
(d)18932 km

10. National Flag of India was designed by:
(a)B.R Ambedkar
(b)Jawaharlal Nehru
(c)Mahatma Gandhi
(d)Pingali Venkayya

11. The number of nominated members in the Rajya Sabha:

12. Which is the largest endocrine gland in the body?

13. The country first introduce paper currency:

14. William Hawkins visited Mughal court during the time of:

15. How many times financial emergency Declared in India as far:

16. Pantharpur was the religious reform movement among the:

17. The mosquito that spreads malaria in man is named:
(a)Male anopheles
(b)Female anopheles

18. Portfolios to the Ministers in a state is allocated by:
(a)The Chief Minister
(b)The Ruling Party in consultation with the Chief Minister
(c)The Governor
(d)The Governor on the recommendations of the Chief Minister

19. Diwan - i - Ariz of the Delhi Sultanate is:
(a)Head of the Judiciary
(b)Head of the foreign department
(c)Head of the religious department
(d)Head of the military department

20. Consumer Protection Act was enacted in the year:

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