Physics Questions

Important facts from Physics

1. The transverse nature of light is shown by polarization of light.

2. The function of cement in masonry is based on the phenomenon of adhesion.

3. Lightning is observed earlier than the sound is heard, because light travels faster than sound.

4. The temperature below which a gas should be cooled before it can be liquefied by pressure only, is termed as the critical point.

5. A sextant is used to measure angle between any two visible objects to find the altitude of celestial bodies.

6. When water freezes its density decreases.

7. Hooke’s law states that strain is proportional to the stress producing it and the ratio is constant for any given material.

8. Rocket lift off is based on Newton’s third law of motion.

9. Super fluids are those which flow with zero viscosity.

10. A rectifier is a device which converts AC to DC, an Oscillator converts DC to AC.

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