National Symbols of India

India’s National Symbols

1. Which is our national flower?
Ans. Lotus

2. Which is our national fruit?
Ans. Mango

3. Which is our national tree?
Ans. Banyan tree

4. Which is our national animal?
Ans. Royal Bengal Tiger

5. Our national aquatic animal?
Ans. Ganges River Dolphin

6. Which one is declared as our national heritage animal?
Ans. Elephant

7. Which fish is declared our national fish?
Ans. Mackeral

8. Which is the national reptile?
Ans. King Cobra

9. What is our national icon?
Ans. Hanuman Langur

10. Which is our national game?
Ans. Hockey

11. Our national symbol?
Ans. Lion capital

12. Our national bird?
Ans. Peacock

13. Our national song?
Ans. Vande Matharam

14. Our national anthem?
Ans. Jana Gana Mana

15. Our national flag?
Ans. The Indian Tricolor

16. Our national river?
Ans. The Ganges

17. India’s national calendar?
Ans. Saka Era

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