LDC Model Questions and Answers

LDC Model Questions and Answers

1. Who was the first Indian to be elected to the British Parliament?
Ans. Dadabhai Naoroji

2. Which colour of light travels most slowly through glass?
Ans. Red

3. Ecology deals with organism and:
Ans. environment

4. The fibre glass yacht which completed a 30,000 nautical mile global expedition from Mumbai from September 1985 to January 1987 was:
Ans. Trishna

5. India joined the United Nations in the year:
Ans. 1945

6. Sri. V Krishna Moorthy who was arrested and imprisoned in connection with the security scam was then working as:
Ans. a member of Planning Commission

7. Punjab was annexed to British Territories in the year:
Ans. 1849

8. The monsoon which brings rain in Kerala during the period October-November is called:
Ans. North east monsoon

9. AIDS is the short form of deadly disease called:
Ans. Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

10. The word’s only monarchy in which the king is elected by secret ballet among State rules:
Ans. Malaysia

11. The first Muslim ruler in India to introduce the standing army was:
Ans. Ala-ud –Din-Khilji

12. On a rainy afternoon in which direction is the rainbow season?
Ans. East

13. The rules of Delhi Sultanate patronized one of the following languages:
Ans. Persian

14. Equatorial region is natural region lying between:
Ans. 50 North and 50 South of the equator

15. The National Highway which connects Kanyakumari and Salem passing through Kerala is:
Ans. NH 47

16. English was introduced as medium of instruction for University Education in India in the year 1838 by:
Ans. Lord Macaulay

17. The spinning of Earth on its axis is called:
Ans. Rotation B

18. The Chairman of the join Parliamentary Committee who enquired in to the stock market scandal was:
Ans. Ram Nivas Mirdha

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