Last Grade Questions

Last Grade Model Questions

1. First Malayalam Movie?
Ans. Vigatha Kumaran.

2. India’s first mission to the Moon “Chandrayan-1” was launched on?
Ans. October 22, 2008.

3. Bokaro Steel Plant is located in?
Ans. Jharkhand.

4. The India Gate, the national monument of India located in?
Ans. New Delhi.

5. Panchayat Raj was started in India in?
Ans. 1959.

6. Article of the Indian constitution, which is of a temporary nature grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir?
Ans. Article 370.

7. District Primary Education Programme (DPEP) initiated in India in?
Ans. 1994

8. The National Flag of India is adopted in?
Ans. July 22, 1947.

9. Who is the chairman of Planning Commission?
Ans. Prime Minister.

10. World Earth Day is observed on?
Ans. April 22

11. Father of electricity?
Ans. Michael Faraday.

12. Vitamin which helps for clotting of blood?
Ans. Vitamin K.

13. Study of birds is called?
Ans. Ornithology

14. “Vandematharam” is written by?
Ans. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

15. Vallathol prize includes prize money of?
Ans. Rs 1,11,111

16. Kundara Proclamation was in the year?
Ans. 1809.

17. The boundary line between India and Pakistan is called?
Ans. The Radcliff Line.

18. World Literacy Day is observed on?
Ans. September 8.

19. “Yanthram” novel written by?
Ans. Malayattoor Ramakrishmnan

20. Which city is known as City of Palaces?
Ans. Kolkata

21. Who was the last viceroy of India?
Ans. Lord Mountbatten

22. Who discovered the circulation of the blood?
Ans. William Harvey.

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