Kerala History

Basic GK Questions and Answers Related to Kerala History.

1. Roman coins referred in Chera and Chola inscriptions as – Pazhankasu

2. The five divisions of Kerala in the Sangham age are – Venadu, Kuttanadu, Kudanadu, Puzhinadu and Karkanadu

3. Agamanantha Swami was born in – Chavara (Kollam)

4. The longest ruling Raja of Travancore – Karthikathirunal Rama Varma

5. Earliest available inscription dated in Kollam Era is – Mampalli plate of Sri Vallabhan Kotha

6. The fight between Utiyan Chera and Karikala Chola is known as – The battle of Venni

7. The Tuhafat ul Mujahidin refers about the Cheraman legend, wrote by – Sheik Zainuddin

8. Kesavadas Dewan of Dharmaraja got the title ‘Raja’ from – Lord Mornington

9. Raja’s Free school is an English School at Thiruvananthapuram, it was opened during the reign of – Swathithirunal

10. Gandhiji visited Kerala for the second time in 1925 connected to the Vaikkam Satyagraha, his fifth and last visit to Kerala is on the occasion of – Temple Entry Proclamation of 1936 November 12

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