IT Quiz Questions

IT Quiz Questions and Answers

1. "Stored Program Concept" postulated by:
Ans. John von neumann

2. Founder of the social networking website 'Facebook':
Ans. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

3. Name associated with Open Source Program:
Ans. Richard Stallman

4. The main routes that data travels over the internet is called:
Ans. Internet backbone

5. An IT term refers to allowing someone to open web pages and see web sites on the internet.
Ans. Web Surfing

6. An internet protocol that allows quick file tarnsmission to remote computers is know as:
Ans. FTP

7. Protocol used to temporarily store new messages in your mailbox on an e-mail server is known as:
Ans. POP

8.Company which maintains internet computers and telecommunications equipment in order to provide internet access to businesses, organizations and individuals is called:
Ans. Internet Service Provider

9. The device that protects all computers in the network from many attacks is called:
Ans. Firewall

10. Free telephone style conversations to travel over the internet to virtually anywhere in the world is known as:
Ans. Internet Telephony

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