Indian History

Indian History Important Facts

1. The freedom fighter known as Maharashtra Socrates – Gopala Krishna Gokhale

2. A famous Indus site discovered by Y.D Sharma, situated in Punjab on the banks of river Sutlej – Ropar

3. How many Vedangas are there – Six

4. The saying “War beings in the minds of men” is from – Atharva Veda

5. What was the chief measure of the wealth of vedic period – cattle

6. Manusmriti was translated into English by – William Jones

7. Founder of Mimamsa system of Indian philosophy – Jaimini

8. Which dynasty is known as Andhras during the post Mauryan period – Satavahanas

9. The Allahabad pillar inscriptions contains information about Samudraguptas conquest, it was composed by – Harisena

10. Ghazi Malik was the founder of which Sultan dynasty – Tughlaq Dynasty

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