Indian History General Knowledge Questions

Indian History General Knowledge [GK] Questions and answers.

Medieval India

1. Which dynasty dominated over the eastern parts of India between 8th and 10th centuries?
Answer: Pala

2. The Rashtrakuta dynasty dominated over:
Answer: Deccan

3. Who founded Pala dynasty?
Answer: Gopala

4. The capital of Pala dynasty?
Answer: Munger
Indian History General Knowledge Questions

5. Who started the construction of Qutbminar?
Answer: Qutubddin Aibek

6. The height of Qutbminar:
Answer: 73 m

7. The first and only women to ascend the throne of Delhi:
Answer: Razia

8. The first muslim invasion to South India was during the reign of:
Answer: Alauddin Khilji

9. Which dynasty succeeded Khilji dynasty?
Answer: Tughlaq

10. Which is the dynasty in the Sultanate which ruled for the shortest period?
Answer: Khilji

11. Who wanted to be called Sikander-i-Sani?
Answer: Alauddin Khilji

12. The Khilji ruler who reigned for the longest period:
Answer: Alauddin Khilji

13. The forerunner of rupee was introduced by:
Answer: Sher Shah

14. Who founded the Sur Dynasty?
Answer: Sher Shah

15. Who is regarded as the forerunner of the reforms introduced by Akbar?
Answer: Sher Shah

16. The greatest ruler of the Sur dynasty?
Answer: Sher Shah

17. Sher Shah died in the battle of……………
Answer: Kalinjar

18. Eknath was a devotee of:
Answer: Vithobha

19. Native place of Ram Das:
Answer: Maharashtra

20. Author of Dasabodh, whose teachings inspired Shivaji:
Answer: Vallabhacharya

21. The native place of Dadu:
Answer: Gujarat

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