HSST Questions

Some Model Questions and Answers for preparing HSST Computer Science Examination

1. Fastest component of a computer system is:
Ans. Cache memory

2. TLB stands for?
Ans. Translation Look aside Buffer

3. ASCII stands for
Ans. American Standard Code for Information Interchange

4. FORTRAN means:
Ans. Formula Translation

5. The C programming language was standardized by:

6. Indiscriminate sending of unsolicited bulk messages is known as :
Ans. Spamming

7. FAT manages files in contiguous groups of sectors is called:
Ans. Clusters

8. What is the expansion of BIOS?
Ans. Basic Input Output System

9. The average time taken by a computer to locate data on the storage medium is known as:
Ans. Access Time

10. EBCDIC stands for
Ans. Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

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