High Court Assistant Exam Model Questions

Model Questions for High Court Assistant Examination

Correct Answers are Shown in Blue Color

1. How many times can the President of India return non-Money Bill passed by parliament?

2. Who can initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of India?
(a)Only Lok Sabha
(b)Rajya sabha
(c)Any Vidhan Sabha
(d)Either house of parliament

3. Does Indian President have any judicial powers?
(d)No mention about it in the Constitution

4. Does Indian president have a Veto power?
(d)No mention about it in the Constitution

5. The only instance when the President of India exercised his power of veto related to:
(a)The Hindu Code Bill
(b)The PEPSU Appropriation Bill
(c)The Indian Post Office (Amendment) Bill
(d)The Dowry Prohibition Bill

6. The power of prorogue Lok sabha vest with:
(a)Prime Minister
(d)None of these

7. If the Office of the President falls vacant, except due to the expiry of his term, it is to be filled within:
(a)One year
(b)One month
(c)Three months
(d)Six months

8. The disputes regarding the election of the President are decided by:
(a)The Supreme Court of India
(b)The Parliament
(c)The Election Commission
(d)The Comptroller and Auditor- General of India

9. To whom does the Vice-President address his resignation?
(a)The Speaker of Lok sabha
(b)The President
(c)The Minister of Home Affairs
(d)The Chief Justice

10. The President is empowered to dissolve:
(a)Only Lok sabha
(b)Only Rajya Sabha
(c)Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
(d)None of the above

11. What is the age at which an Indian can become a candidate of President Ship?

12. The Constitution of India provides for the nomination of two members of Lok Sabha by the President to represent:
(a)Persons of eminence in arts, letters, science, etc
(c)The business community
(d)The Anglo-Indian community

13. What is the maximum age prescribed for a person to be elected as President of India?
(a)58 years
(b)62 years
(c)60 years
(d)No such limit

14. Which of the following powers are enjoyed by the President of India?
(a)Military Powers
(b)Legislative Powers
(c)Executive Powers
(d)All the Above

15. Who decides the size and membership of the Union Cabinet?
(b)Prime Minister
(c)President of the ruling party
(d)Lok Sabha

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