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PSC GK Questions and Answers 

Topic: World History

1. BC 1792 – 1750 is the period when Babylonia flourished under – King Hammurabi

2. Who established Persian Empire in BC 550 – Cyrus the great

3. Julius Caesar was assassinated in – BC 44

4. What led to Protestantism in 16th century AD – Reformation

5. Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam born at – Mecca in 570 AD

6. The sub group of Negroid seen in Africa. Indonesia and South East Asia – Pigmies

7. The concept of State originated during – Neolithic period

8. The name Mesopotamia came from – Greek language

9. The capture of Constantinople (Istanbul) by the Turks in 1453 AD was the cause of Renaissance in Europe. What is the literal meaning of the term Renaissance – Rebirth

10. Who is known as the prophet of Italian nationalization – Joseph Massini

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