GK Questions About Indian States

General Knowledge Questions and Answers About Indian States.

1. Malinitan is famous as a/an:
Answer: Archaeological site

2. Namdapha wild life sanctuary is in:
Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

3. The state that has the largest area among the north East Indian States:
Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

4. The easternmost state in India:
Answer: Arunachal Pradesh
GK Questions About Indian States

5. Some areas of Chhattisgarh was known as ………… in the ancient times.
Answer: Dakshina Kosala

6. Capital of Chhattisgarh:
Answer: Raipur

7. The first privatized river in India is……………
Answer: Sheonath

8. The first IAS officer who later became the chief minister of an Indian state is:
Answer: Ajith Jogi

9. The steel plant in Chhattisgarh is situated at:
Answer: Bhilai

10. The place in Karnataka where the ‘Mat’ of Sankaracharya is situated:
Answer: Sringeri

11. The headquarters of the Surya Kiran team:
Answer: Bidar

12. The headquarters of ISRO is:
Answer: Anthareeksh Bhavan

13. The only approved institution to make national flag of india is situated at:
Answer: Hubly

14. The Sanskrit village in Karnataka:
Answer: Mattur

15. Detroit of India:
Answer: Pithampur

16. The first newsprint factory in India:
Answer: Nepanagar

17. The capital of Sungas:
Answer: Vidisha

18. The chemical caused Bhopal Tragedy:
Answer: Methyl isocynate

19. The place in Madya Pradesh famous for Buddhist stupa:
Answer: Sanchi

20. Who inaugurated the Gateway of India?
Answer: Lord Reading

21. The king of England who was given Bombay as dowry:
Answer: Charles II

22. The Gateway of India was constructed to commemorate the visit of:
Answer: George V

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