Geography General Knowledge Questions

World geography general knowledge questions and answers.

1. One parsec equals …………… light years:
Answer: 3.26

2. The distance between the Sun and the Earth is longest on:
Answer: July 4

3. The member of the solar system formed first:
Answer: Sun

4. Which is the third nearest star to Sun:
Answer: Alpha Centaury
Geography General Knowledge Questions

5. The largest star as seen from the earth:
Answer: Sun

6. The only planet whose name does not derive from Greek or Roman mythology?
Answer: Earth

7. Which is not a Jovian Planet?
Answer: Earth

8. Vernal equinox on northern hemisphere:
Answer: March 21

9. Earth reaches perihelion on:
Answer: January 3

10. While completing one rotation the earth passes through …………….degrees of longitude:
Answer: 360

11. If the difference in longitude between two places in one degree, what will be the difference between their local times?
Answer: Four minutes

12. The maximum extent of difference between the local time of any place in India and the Indian Standard Time:
Answer: One hour

13. The hottest zone:
Answer: Tropical zone

14. The climate region between Arctic circle and Tropic of Cancer:
Answer: North temperate zone

15. Which country has the most contiguous time zones?
Answer: Russia

16. The longitude of International Date Line:
Answer: 180

17. One day equals ……………. Seconds:
Answer: 86400

18. The time difference between the both sides of the International Date Line is …………… hours:
Answer: 24

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