General Science Model Questions

General Science Model Questions and Answers for preparing all PSC Examinations.

1. The chief nitrogenous product in the human urine is:
Ans. Urea

2. International voluntary blood donation day:
Ans. November 6

3. Ageing in human beings caused due by disappearance of which gland?
Ans. Thymus

4. Wisdom teach normally appears in the age group:
Ans. 17-30 years
General Science Model Questions

5. Chemically an enzyme is a:
Ans. Protein

6. The red color of ripe tomatoes is due to the presence of:
Ans. Carotenoids

7. Who discovered leprosy bacillus:
Ans. Hansen

8. Penicillin is obtained from:
Ans. Fungus

9. Operator flood refers to:
Ans. Milk production

10. Pure water is obtained from sea water by the process of:
Ans. Distillation

11. The purest form of iron is:
Ans. Wrought iron

12. The type of water which does not lather easily is called:
Ans. Hard water

13. An element that does not occur in nature but can be produced artificially is:
Ans. Plutonium

14. Actinides are the elements with atomic number from:
Ans. 89 to103

15. The two elements that are frequently used for making transistors are:
Ans. Silicon & Germanium

16. From which mineral is radium obtained:
Ans. Pitchblende

17. Bleaching powder is made from:
Ans. Lime and chlorine

18. Nuclear fission is caused by the impact of:
Ans. Neutron

19. Titanium is purified by:
Ans. Van Arkel method

20. Unit of loudness:
Ans. Decibel

21. The kinetic energy of a body depends on its:
Ans. Velocity

22. The period of revolution of a geostationary satellite is:
Ans. 24 hours

23. The color of a star depends on its:
Ans. Temperature

24. Who put forward Drift Theory?
Ans. Alfred Wegner

25. A rainbow is formed by the …………. of the light by water droplets.
Ans. Dispersion and total internal reflection.

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