PSC Questions and Answers

PSC Model Questions and Answers

1. In which district is the Malampuzha gardens?
Answer: palakkad.

2. Shiva samudram hydro electric project is situated at:
Answer: karnataka.

3. The law by which people are asked to submit to government accounts of dealings in foreign currency is :
Answer: fema.

4. The konkan railway has been constructed between:
Answer: mangalore and mumbai.
PSC Model Questions and Answers

5. When did the dynastyof sultans rule over India?
Answer: between13th century A. D and 16th century A. D

6. The scientist who arranged elements according to their increasing atomic weight is :
Answer: mendeleev.

7. Under which catagory of winds does the cyclone fall ?
Answer: periodic winds.

8. The person who is said to be the "iron man" of india is :
Answer: sardar vallabhai patel.

9. The person who occupied the post of the president of india for two sessions continuously was :
Answer: dr.rajendra prasad

10. The name given to a substance formed by the chemical combination of two or more metals is :
Answer: alloy.

11. Paralysis is caused by disorders connected with :
Answer: brain.

12. The food item that provides energy for growth is :
Answer: carbohydrates.

13. The scientist who gave scientific laws of heredity for the first time was :
Answer: mendel

14. Which is a disease caused by disorder of the respiratory system ?
Answer: pneumonia.

15. Who wrote the book "my life: fidel castro"
Answer: ignacio ramonet

16. Nobel prize in literature 2010 awarded to
Answer: mario vargas llosa.

17. Who won nobel prize for peace 2010
Answer: liu xiaobo.

18. Who was the 1st judge faced impeachment in india?
Answer: just.v.ramaswami.

19. Who wrote the book "the spirit of laws"?
Answer: montesque.

20. Which planet is known as earth's past tense
Answer: titan.

21. Author of the book " the way to paradise" and "the bad girl "
Answer: mario vargas llosa.

22. India's premier investigating agency?
Answer: cbi.

23. The external intelligence agency of india
Answer: raw.

24. The 'general motors' company was founded by
Answer: william c. Durant.

25.The largest ocean of the world is
Answer: pacific ocean.

26. Mount everest was named after:
Answer: sir george everest.

27. The japanese call their country as
Answer: nippon

28. Which film bagged oscar award 2010?
Answer: the hurt locker

29. Who is the winner of us open 2010 women's title?
Answer: kim clijsters

30. What is ajax?
Answer: asynchronous javascript and xml

31. Who is the founder of wiki leaks ?
Answer: julian assange

32. How many nations are members of uno ?
Answer: 192

33. Which car company released the new brand micra in india recently?
Answer: nissan

34. Who played the maximum number of test cricket matches ?
Answer: sachin tendulkar

35. Who was the first pakistani to get a noble prize ?
Answer: dr. Abdul salam.

36. Prime minister of england?
Answer: david cameron.

37.What is the expansion of yahoo?
Answer: yet another hierarchy of officious oracle.

38. The first woman ips officer in kerala?
Answer: r. sreelekha.

39. The author of panchathanthra
Answer: vishnusharma.

40. Insulin produced in human body by
Answer: pancreas.

41. ILO stands for
Answer: international labour organisation.

42. The first indian to get nobel prize
Answer: tagore.

43. How many players are in a valley ball team
Answer: 6.

44. Human rights day observed in
Answer: dec 10.

45. The first president of indian national congress
Answer: w c banargee.

46. Universal donor in blood group is
Answer: O

47. Red blood cells are formed in
Answer: bone marrow.

48. Three primary colours of light
Answer: red, green and blue.

49. Most intelligent animal
Answer: chimbanzee.

50. Who preside the first session of aituc
Answer: cr das.

51. Gandhijis first struggle in india
Answer: chambaran.

52. First battle of panippath between
Answer: babur and lodi.

53. Nigerian novelist who won the nobel prize
Answer: vol soyinka.

54. The director of the film susanna
Answer: tv chandran.

55. Indian patend act was formed in
Answer: 1970.

56. Kyoto conference was held in
Answer: 1997.

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