CTET Model Questions and Answers

Model Questions for CTET Exam

Child Development and Pedagogy

Correct Answers are Shown in Blue Color

1. Children read comics, because:
(a)They are very cheap
(b)They amuse the children
(c)They contain pretty pictures
(d)They teach morals

2. The most primary duty of the teacher is to:
(a)Help to learn
(b)Enforce discipline
(c)Give information
(d)Prepare students for examination

3. Which among the following do you think adds most to a teacher’s efficiency?
(a)Genuine interest in teaching
(b)Mastery over the subject
(c)Proficiency in language
(d)Communication skill

4. If majority of students are invariably found dozing in a class, there may something wrong with:
(a)The intellectual capacity of the students
(b)The instructional style
(c)The infrastructural facilities of the class
(d)All the above

5. A teacher has essentially to be:
(a)A strict disciplinarian
(b)A continuous learner of his subject
(c)Authoritarian in communication
(d)Laissez- faire in his attitude

6. When students are found not to understand some learning Material the teacher should:
(a)Repeat the lesson again and again
(b)Give a large number of examples.
(c)Diagnose the difficulty and provide appropriate experiences
(d)Proceed to the next lesson so that time need not be wanted

7. Consciousness is like a stream or river, it is continuous and cannot divided or broken down into component parts. To which psychologist is this view attributed?
(a)Sigmund Freud
(b)Alien Hobson
(c)Ernest Hilguard
(d)William James

8. When an event that follows an operant response increases the likelihood of that behavior being repeated the response is said to have been:

9. As part of her over all vocational assessment Resmi took a test including items meant to measure the level of knowledge, understanding and skills in selected topics of Mathematics. What did the test measure?
(d)Vocational efficiency

10. If you are assigned the additional responsibilities to manage th School library, what will be reaction?
(a)Consider it as an unwarranted burden
(b)Take it up as part of duty
(c)Tell what it is not the duty of a teacher
(d)Take it up provided your teaching load is considerably reduced.

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