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General Knowledge Questions and Answers about World Countries.

1. In ancient times, South Afghanistan was known as:
Answer: Ariana

2. Afghanistan was ruled by ………….. for a short period:
Answer: Taliban

3. The statues of Buddha at …………… was demolished by Taliban:
Answer: Bamian

4. Taliban was thrown out of power by the military operation of ………….. in 2001.
Answer: USA
General Knowledge Questions and Answers about World

5 .………….. are the people of Afghanistan.
Answer: Pashtuns

6. The year of Falkland War:
Answer: 1982

7. Which city is known as the ‘Cultural capital of South America’?
Answer: Buenes Aires

8. Ernesto Guevara da le Serna is better known as:
Answer: Che Guera

9. Who liberated Argentina from foreign rule?
Answer: San Martin

10. Which city is known as Paris of South America?
Answer: Buenes Aires

11. The country where General Election is conducted by an interim government formed for that purpose.
Answer: Bangladesh

12. The main language of Bangladesh:
Answer: Bengali

13. Who among the following is a favorite poet of Bangladesh?
Answer: Kazi Nazrul islam

14. The district of Assam that was ceded to East Pakistan at the time of partition:
Answer: Sylhet

15. Other than India, which is a neighbouring country of Bangladesh?
Answer: Myanmar

16. The northern region of Belgium is known as:
Answer: Flanders

17. The airlines of Belgium:
Answer: Sabena

18. In which continent is Belgium?
Answer: Europe

19. World’s first Stock Exchange was established in:
Answer: Antwerp

20. Historically, Belgium, the Netherlands and ………………. were known as the Low Countries:
Answer: Luxembourg

21. The national flower of Bhutan:
Answer: Blue Popy

22. The highest point in Bhutan is ……………., which has the distinction of being the highest unclimbed mountain in the world, at 7570 metres (24840 ft).
Answer: Gangkhar Puensum

23. The parliament of Bhutan became bicameral in ……………., replacing the unicameral Tshongdu:
Answer: 2007

24. The upper house of the Bhutanese parliament:
Answer: National Council

25. The lower house of the Bhutanese parliament:
Answer: National Assembly

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