Different Branches of Geography

PSC General Knowledge Questions and Answers on Different Branches of Geography.

  • Cartography: Deals with the production and study of maps and charts.

  • Climatology: Study of climatic features such temperature, precipitation and humidity.

  • Chorology: Study of geographical areas, plants and animal distribution.

  • Demography: Describes the structure of human population and their dynamic aspects.

  • Lithology: Deals with the characteristics of rocks.

  • Different Branches of Geography
  • Geomorphology: Study of land forms, their distribution and origin and the forces that change them.

  • Hydrology: Study of water on earth, oceans, river, glaciers etc.

  • Oceanography: Studies the ocean current waves and tides.

  • Geology: Study of the chemical composition of earth’s crust.

  • Potamology: Study of rivers.

  • Pedology: Science of nature, properties, formation, distribution and function of soils and their response to use, management and manipulation.

  • Paleontology: study of fossils.

  • Orology: Study of mountains.

  • Petrology: Study of the origin, composition and structure of rocks.

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