Complete Reference in Biology for all psc exam preparation.


It includes:
  • Father of Important Branches in Biology.
  • DNA & RNA
  • Diseases caused by Bacteria
  • Micro Biology
  • Kingdom Classification
  • Branches of botany
  • Cultivations
  • Plant Movements
  • The Kingdom of Animals
  • The Classification of animals
  • Six Basic Animal Groups
  • Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Proteins, Fats
  • Role of Vitamins
  • Human Body
  • Functions of Blood
  • Major organ systems
  • Sense Organs
  • Genetics
  • Global warming
  • Diseases and Affected Organs
  • Common Drugs
  • Agriculture
  • Cloning
  • The Scientific Names
  • And many more shortcuts and tips for the better study in Biology.

For Downloading go to the following link and then click File menu and select Download original.

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