BDO Exam

BDO Exam Solved Questions

1. The Chilka Lake is in:
Ans. Orissa

2. The clouds which causes continuous rain:
Ans. Nimbus

3. Tiger airways belonged to:
Ans. Singapore

4. The country, which won the 2006 Johannesburg test:
Ans. India

5. Total no. of MPs from Kerala
Ans. 29

6. Speaker of the 12th Legislative Assembly in Kerala:
Ans. K. Radhakirshnan

7. ……….Is to administer oath of office to the Indian President in 07/07
Ans. Justice K.G.Balakrisnan

8. Paper gold is:
Ans. Special Drawing Right

9. The practice of crossing a cheque originated in:
Ans. Britain

10. Trichology is the study of:
Ans. hair

11. …… the economic process through which human wants are satisfied.
Ans. Consumption

12. First Indian war of Independence began at
Ans. Meerut

13. ‘Forward Policy’ was initiated by:
Ans. Lord Lytton

14. Jamabandhi Reforms were the reforms of:
Ans. Akbar

15. Revenge movement broke out in:
Ans. France

16. Agricultural growth in India during 2006-07 was:
Ans. 2.7%

17. World Bank President to quit office recently for misconduct is:
Ans. Paul Volfovits

18. The award amount of UNESCO’s Puraskar for Palatulli Programme:
Ans. 20000 U.S. Dollar

19. Maha Bachat Scheme is initiated by.
Ans. Punjab National Bank

20. Smart city project was signed on:
Ans. 13-05-07

21. Neuron are seen in
Ans. Brain

22. ‘Dhera Sachcha Sauda’ is an organization of
Ans. Punjab

23. Insat 4B was launched by the European space agency Rocket called:
Ans. Arian 5

24. Psoriasis disease is evident in
Ans. skin

25. Market Regulations introduced by:
Ans. Khiljis

26. The year of Colachal battle?
Ans. 1741

27. Agama Siddhantha is the sacred book of:
Ans. Jains

28. Muziris had trade relation with:
Ans. Rome

29. ‘Ariyittuvazhcha’ was the coronation ceremony of?
Ans. Zamorins

30 . Author of Coolie:
Ans. Mulkraj Anand

31. The hottest zone between the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn:
Ans. Torrid zone

32. The river known as dakshin Ganga is:
Ans. Kaveri

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