Selected Questions and Answers from Kerala PSC Assistant Salesman Examination held on February 2011.

1. John .............. the newspaper yesterday (use the appropriate verb form):
Answer: Reads

2. The most tragic event connected with Malabar rebellion:
Answer: Wagon tragedy

3. The disease 'Scurvy' is caused by the deficiency of:
Answer: Vitamin C

4. The author of the Novel 'Trikkottoor Peruma':
Answer: U.A. Khader
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5. Which state is known as the 'Jewel of India'?
Answer: Manipur

6. The metal used in storage batteries :
Answer: Lead

7. The energy in stars is produced by :
Answer: Thermo Nuclear Reaction

8. Which mountain range separates North India from Peninsular India?
Answer: The Vindhyasatpura ranges

9. The state known as 'Granary of India ':
Answer: Punjab

10. The Kerala ADGP who won the President's Police medal of 201 0 :
Answer: Vincent M. Paul

11. Which among the following banks got ISO certificate first?
Answer: Canara Bank

12. Hertha Muller, the Nobel Prize (literature) winner of 2009 belongs to :
Answer: Rumania

13. Which one of the following rights was described by B.R. Ambedkar as the 'Heart and Soul' of the constitution?
Answer: Right to constitutional remedies

14. The first Asian Woman go into space :
Answer: Kalpana Choula

15. 'Poverty and Un-British Rule in India' was written by:
Answer: Dada Bai Naoroji

16. The winner of 64th Santhosh Trophy Football:
Answer: Punjab

17. Who won the Bharata Ratna award of 2008?
Answer: Bhimsen Joshy

18. 'Panchseel', was signed in 1954 between India and :
Answer: China

19. The code name given to India's first atomic explosion at Pokran in 1974 is :
Answer: Buddhan Chirikkunnu

20. The boundary between India and China is known as :
Answer: McMohan line

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