Assistant Salesman Exam Previous Question paper

Selected Questions and Answers from Kerala PSC Assistant Salesman Examination held on February 2011.

1. John .............. the newspaper yesterday (use the appropriate verb form):
Answer: Reads

2. The most tragic event connected with Malabar rebellion:
Answer: Wagon tragedy

3. The disease 'Scurvy' is caused by the deficiency of:
Answer: Vitamin C

4. The author of the Novel 'Trikkottoor Peruma':
Answer: U.A. Khader
Assistant Salesman Exam Previous Question paper

5. Which state is known as the 'Jewel of India'?
Answer: Manipur

6. The metal used in storage batteries :
Answer: Lead

7. The energy in stars is produced by :
Answer: Thermo Nuclear Reaction

8. Which mountain range separates North India from Peninsular India?
Answer: The Vindhyasatpura ranges

9. The state known as 'Granary of India ':
Answer: Punjab

10. The Kerala ADGP who won the President's Police medal of 201 0 :
Answer: Vincent M. Paul

11. Which among the following banks got ISO certificate first?
Answer: Canara Bank

12. Hertha Muller, the Nobel Prize (literature) winner of 2009 belongs to :
Answer: Rumania

13. Which one of the following rights was described by B.R. Ambedkar as the 'Heart and Soul' of the constitution?
Answer: Right to constitutional remedies

14. The first Asian Woman go into space :
Answer: Kalpana Choula

15. 'Poverty and Un-British Rule in India' was written by:
Answer: Dada Bai Naoroji

16. The winner of 64th Santhosh Trophy Football:
Answer: Punjab

17. Who won the Bharata Ratna award of 2008?
Answer: Bhimsen Joshy

18. 'Panchseel', was signed in 1954 between India and :
Answer: China

19. The code name given to India's first atomic explosion at Pokran in 1974 is :
Answer: Buddhan Chirikkunnu

20. The boundary between India and China is known as :
Answer: McMohan line

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