Staff Nurse Grade 2 Exam Model Questions

Model Questions and Answers for preparing Staff Nurse Grade (Health Services) Examination

Model Questions and Answers for preparing Staff Nurse Grade (Health Services) Examination.

1. Schizopherenia - like psychosis hallucinations can occur with abuse of:
Answer: (b)Amphetamines

2. Best laboratory method to diagnose AIDS is:
(b)Oxford test
(c)Western blot test
Answer: (c)Western blot test

3. A positive mantoux test is in duration above:
(a)10x10 mm
(b)20x20 mm
(c)15x15 mm
(d)5x5 mm
Answer: (a)10x10 mm

4. Which of the following lesions refers to Pulmonary tuberculosis?
(a)Simio’s focus
(b)Puhl’s lesion
(c)Ghon’s focus
(d)All are correct
Answer: (d)All are correct

5. Glycogen synthetase is increased by:
Answer: (a)Insulin

6. The commonest 1 gG with maximum individual variation is:
(a)1g G2
(b)1g G4
(c)1g G3
(d)1g G1
Answer: (d)1g G1

7. The incubation period in filariasis is:
(a)1-2 months
(b)1-2 years
(c)5-10 months
(d)1-2 weeks
Answer: (c)5-10 months

8. The incidence of infectious cases of Leprosy in India is:
Answer: (c)20%

9. All are oncogenic viruses EXCEPT:
(a)Reo virus
(b)Human papilloma virus
(c)Retro virus
(d)EB virus
Answer: (a)Reo virus

10. Which toxin of streptococcus cause Chemolysis?
Answer: (a)Streptolysins

11. Good Pasteur’s syndrome is an example of which type of immunological injury?
(a)Type II
(b)Type IV
(c)Type III
(d)Type I
Answer: (a)Type II

12. Classical pathway activation requires which ion?
(d)None of these
Answer: (a)Magnesium

13. Communist international may be classified as an institution in the class:
Answer: (a)Political

14. Smallest DNA virus is:
(a)Adeno virus
(b)Pox virus
(c)Parvo virus
(d)Herpes virus
Answer: (c)Parvo virus

15. Opacity around colonies of Clostridium per fringes is due to:
(d)Theta toxin
Answer: (d)Theta toxin

16. Thymoma is associated with all EXCEPT:
(a)Hyper gamma globulinemia
(c)Red cellaplasia
(d)Graves disease
Answer: (a)Hyper gamma globulinemia

17. Bollinger bodies are seen in:
(a)Cow pox
(b)Small pox
(c)Fowl pox
(d)Chicken pox
Answer: (c)Fowl pox

18. Generation time of tuberculosis bacillus is:
(a)20 minutes
(b)4 weeks
(c)48 hours
(d)20 days
Answer: (c)48 hours

19. Tyndallization is a type of:
(d)Intermittent sterilization
Answer: (a)Pasteurization

20. The reaginic antibody is:
Answer: (c)IgE

21. The denominator for the breech presentation is:
Answer: (c)Sacrum

22. Which of the following is a fibre in diet?
(d)All of those
Answer: (d)All of those

23. Recommended daily allowance of Vitamin B12 is:
(a)2 mg
(b)10 mg
(c)5 mg
(d)1 mg
Answer: (d)1 mg

24. Prevalence rate of psychoses in general population is:
Answer: (c)5%

25. All of the following are subtypes of schizophrenia, EXCEPT:
Answer: (c)Hysterical

26. Foetal kidneys starts functioning from:
(a)12 weeks
(b)10 weeks
(c)20 weeks
(d)16 weeks
Answer: (a)12 weeks

27. The most commonly used colloidal solution to treat hypovolemic shock is:
(a)5% albumin
(b)6% hetastarch
(c)6% dextran
(d)Blood products
Answer: (a)5% albumin

28. Delusions of guilt are more common in:
(d)Paranoid disorder
Answer: (c) Depression

29. Fallopian tube is lined by:
(a)Stratified epithelium
(b)Germinal epithelium
(c)Ciliated epithelium
(d)Columnar epithelium
Answer: (c)Ciliated epithelium

30. Freud’s name of Freud is associated with:
(a)Oedipal complex
(b)Operant conditioning
(c)Scientific classification of psychiatric disorders
Answer: (a)Oedipal complex

31. Who is known for promoting Human treatment of mentally ill?
Answer: (c)Pinel

32. The drug of choise for cardiac pain relief is:
Answer: (a)Morphine

33. Xenographs used for value replacement have a viability of about:
(a)4 years
(b)12 years
(c)8 years
(d)2 years
Answer: (c)8 years

34. Recommended daily dose of niacin is:
(a)4.4 mg/1000 k cal
(b)8.8 mg/ 1000 k cal
(c)6.6 mg/1000 k cal
(d)2.2 mg/1000 k cal
Answer: (c)6.6 mg/1000 k cal

35. The negative feedback on parathormone secretion is by:
(a)Serum phosphorus
(b)Vitamin D3
(c)Serum calcium
(d)All of these
Answer: (c)Serum calcium

36. Incidence of Bulimia in obesity is:
Answer: (d)>1%

37. Which was the first phenothiazine to be used in Psychiatry:
Answer: (b)Promethazine

38. Which of the following best describes the type of emotional arousal which can improve performance at a task?
(a)High levels
(b)Prolonged intense levels
(c)Intense burst
(d)Low levels
Answer: (d)Low levels

39.Interavtion of a persons constitution and personality with his:
(b)Financial situation
(c)Work situation
Answer: (a)Environment

40. RBC’s are enlarged in infection with:
(a)P. malaria
(b)P. vivax
(c)P. falciparom
Answer: (b)P. vivax

41. The following are characterized by brady cardiac EXCEPT:
(b)Yellow fever
Answer: (a)Brucellosis

42. Contact dermatitis is:
(a)Type II
(b)Type IV
(c)Type III
(d)Type I hypersensitivity
Answer: (b)Type IV

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