Staff Nurse Health Services Model Questions

Model Questions and Answers for preparing Staff Nurse Examinations

Model Questions and Answers for preparing Staff Nurse Examinations.

Practice Test Questions part 2

51. Habitat of hook worm is:
(d)None of these
Answer: (b)Duodenum

52. Calcium is excreted in:
Answer: (d)Faeces

53. Variable portion of antibody molecule is:
(a)Cho mdiety
(d)None of these
Answer: (c)N-Terminal

54. Dragon orserpent worm is:
Answer: (a)Dracunculus

55. Effect of trycyclic antidepressants does NOT come usually before:
(a)4-6 weeks
(b)1-3 days
(c)1- week
(d)2-3 weeks
Answer: (c)1- week

56. Most frequent age for onset of schizophrenia is:
(a)Middle age
Answer: (d)Adolescence

57. Immunoglobulin consists of:
(a)1 light 1 heavy chains
(b)Heavy chain
(c)1 heavy, 2 lights chains
(d)2 lights, 2 heavy chains
Answer: (d)2 lights, 2 heavy chains

58. Rabies virus has a ………….. shape.
Answer: (b)Bullet

59. Key enzyme in urea synthesis is:
Answer: (d)Carbany/transferase

60. Quellung reaction is associated with:
(a)Capsular absence
(b)Lecithinase production
(c)Capsular delineation
(d)Capsular degeneration
Answer: (c)Capsular delineation

61. The commonest cause of hypertension in children is:
Answer: (d)Renoparenchymal

62. In a pubescent girl, enlarged firm nodulas thyroid means
Answer: (a)Pubertygoitre

63. Hyperventilation syndrome is associated with:
(d)All are true
Answer: (d)All are true

64. Breast is composed of:
(a)Glandular tissues only
(b)Connective tissues only
(c)Connective and fatty tissues
(d)Glandular and fatty tissues
Answer: (d)Glandular and fatty tissues

65. Vitamin present in co-enzyme A is:
(b)Nicotinic acid
(d)Panthothemic acid
Answer: (d)Panthothemic acid

66. Which vaccine need not be given to ‘Boys’?
(b)Small pox
(c)German measles
Answer: (c)German measles

67. Kata thermometer is used to measure:
(a)Radiant heat
(b)Cooling power of air
(c)Maximum temperature
(d)Minimum temperature
Answer: (b)Cooling power of air

68. Neuro hormonal reflex in lactation is a:
(a)Rooting reflex
(b)Curving reflex
(c)Fixing reflex
(d)Let down reflex
Answer: (d)Let down reflex

69. About plague formation true is:
(a)Used for virus culture
(b)All of these
(c)Identification of virus
(d)Cloning and separation of specific virus
Answer: (c)Identification of virus

70. Lepra cells found in lepromatos leprosy are:
(b)Plasma cells
Answer: (a)Macrophages

71. Commonest cause of diarrhea in children is:
(a)Adeno virus
(c)Rota virus
(d)Norwalk virus
Answer: (c)Rota virus

72. Ivermectin is used in the treatment of:
Answer: (c)Filariasis

73. Hypervitaminosis D manifests with:
(c)Failure to thrive
(d)All are true
Answer: (d)All are true

74. How birth weight baby is accounted for by which of the following?
(a)Placental dysfunction
(b)Multiple pregnancy
(c)Grand multi
(d)All are true
Answer: (d)All are true

75. A child of 5 years is said to have anaemia if Hb is below:
(d)12 gm
Answer: (c)11gm

76. Which of the following pregnancy complications can lead to preterm birth?
(a)Placenta previa
(d)All are true
Answer: (d)All are true

77. Hallucinations are seen is:
(b)Drug dependence
(c)Personality disorders
Answer: (d)Psychoses

78. Reye’s syndrome following influenza is most commonly associated with:
(a)Type A
(b)All of the above
(c)Type C
(d)Type B
Answer: (d)Type B

79. Anaclitic depression occurs in:
(b)Old age
(c)First years of life
Answer: (b)Old age

80. Most common post-partum disorder is:
Answer: (a)Depression

81. First psychotropic drug to be used in schizophrenia was:
Answer: (c)Reserpine

82. Anhedonia is a disorder of:
Answer: (d)Affect

83. Sitophobia is the dread of:
Answer: (d)Eating

84. Which of the following should cause a nurse to omit a dose of Digoxin?
(a)A blood pressure of 120/80
(b)A blood pressure of 140/90
(c)A pulse of 56
(d)A pulse of 90
Answer: (c)A pulse of 56

85. The first drug to be used in convulsure therapy was:
Answer: (c)Cardiazol

86. ‘Vibrio Cholera’ was discovered by:
(c)John snow
Answer: (a)Koch

87. The drug often implicated in Reye’s syndrome is:
Answer: (a)Aspirin

88. Leprosy spreads by:
(a)Skin to skin contact
(c)Droplet spread
(d)Blood transfusion
Answer: (c)Droplet spread

89. The beta2 against that gives 24 hours relief with single oral dose is:
Answer: (d)Bambuterol

90. The most common non English language spoken in the United States is:
Answer: (b)Spanish

91. In only prolongation of PT, one should think of deficiency of:
(b)Vitamin K
(c)Factor VIII
(d)All of these
Answer: (a)Fibrinogen

92. Following is the marker of HIV infection of eggs.
Answer: (d)Draconculosis

93. The length of endotracheal tube, to be inserted beyond Glottis is:
(a)4 cm
(b)7 cm
(c)3 cm
(d)5 cm
Answer: (a)4 cm

94. Formation of pox on chorio allantoic remembrance occurs in:
Answer: (a)Varicella

95. Treatment of relapse of periodic catatonia is:
Answer: (d)Thyroxin

96. Virus causing pneumonia are all EXCEPT:
(d)Cytomegalo virus
Answer: (c)Mumps

97. Rat flea transmits all EXCEPT:
(b)Murine typhus dimonites
Answer: (a)Hymenolepis

98. Which of the following neurological structures are involved in the control of emotions?
Answer: (a)Hypothalamus

99. A condition that is generally considered to be psychophysiologic is:
Answer: (b)Pepticulcer

100. The stage of shock characterized by a normal blood pressure is the ………. Stage.
Answer: (a)Initial

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