Staff Nurse Exam Model Questions and Answers

Staff Nurse Exam Model Questions and Answers

Staff Nurse Examination Model Questions and Answers

Practice Test Questions part 1

1. Features of simple schizophrenia are:
(a)Diagnosis easy
(b)Insidious onset
(c)Persistent hallucinations
(d)Fixed delusions
Answer: (b)Insidious onset

2. Secrological study for prevalence of Hepatitis B is best by:
(a)Core antigen
(b)Core antibody
(c)Surface antigen
(d)Surface antibody
Answer: (c)Surface antigen

3. All of the following can have associated depression EXCEPT
(b)Sexual dysfunction
(d)Anxiety disorder
Answer: (d)Anxiety disorder

4. Bone marrow transplantation is recommended for all the following EXCEPT:
(b)Acute leukemias
(c)Thalassemia major
(d)Hbs diseases
Answer: (a)Spherocytosis

5. HEMPAS test is positive in
(d)Sickle cell diseases
Answer: (c)Dyserythropoisis

6. One set of post-partom disorders in usually between
(a)7 days
(b)7-15 days
(c)0-7 days
(d)0-3 days
Answer: (a)7 days

7. Reduction of sleep in acute schizophrenic breakdown is mostly in:
(a)Stage 1 Non REM sleep
(b)Stage IV Non REM sleep
(c)Stage III Non REM sleep
(d)Stage II Non REM sleep
Answer: (b)Stage IV Non REM sleep

8. Which of the following is out of place?
(b)Over inclusion
Answer: (b)Over inclusion

9. What is the limit of IQ, below which mental Retardation begins?
Answer: (d)70

10. Which is out of place?
(d)Chlor prothixene
Answer: (b)Fluanisone

11. Fallopian tube is line by
(a)Columnar epithelium
(b)Squamous epithelium
(c)Ciliated epithelium
(d)Stratified epithelium
Answer: (c)Ciliated epithelium

12. Immediate treatment Anuphylaxis is:
(b)Benzyl Penicillin
Answer: (a)Adrenaline

13. Which of the following sets of relationships is most likely to contribute to the development of neurotic illness?
(b)Extended family
Answer: (d)Parent-Child

14. Hepatitis B is NOT transmitted by:
(a)Breast milk
(c)Blood transfusion
(d)Cryo precipitate
Answer: (d)Cryo precipitate

15. All of the following are types of behavior therapy EXCEPT:
(a)Operant conditioning
(b)Implosion therapy
(c)Aversion therapy
(d)Free association
Answer: (d)Free association

16. Society came into existence:
(a)Due to continuous evolutions
(b)Unknown reason
(c)Due to divine inspiration
(d)Force applied by human beings
Answer: (b)Unknown reason

17. All of the following are first rank symptoms of Schizophrenia EXCEPT:
(a)Delusional perception
(b)Passivity phenomenon
(c)Thought alienation
Answer: (d)Negativism

18. Triacylglycerol Synthesis is enhanced by:
Answer: (a)Insulin

19. Bruxism is:
(a)Awakens the sleeper
(b)Events can be duplicated while awake
(c)Seen in 5% of normal population
(d)Denching and grinding of teeth in sleep
Answer: (d)Denching and grinding of teeth in sleep

20. Mucocutaneous leishmamiasis is caused by:
(a)Leishmania tropica
(b)Leishmanic brazilienses
(c)Leishmaina donowani
(d)None of these
Answer: (b)Leishmanic brazilienses

21. Clinically, Hysteria may present with all EXCEPT:
Answer: (a)Insomnia

22. Memory loss occurs in animals injected with:
(c)Anti-cholinergic drugs
Answer: (c)Anti-cholinergic drugs

23. When does involutional melancholia most frequently occur for the first time?
(a)Late middle age
(b)Old age
(c)Early middle age
Answer: (a)Late middle age

24. Which of the following would solve the unemployment problem of India most rapidly?
(a)Overhauling the system of education
(b)Mechanised farming
(c)Quick industrialization
(d)Effective birth control
Answer: (c)Quick industrialization

25. Which of the following is least likely to block effective communication?
(a)Interaction consciousness
(b)A feeling of self-consciousness
(c)A feeling of belonging
Answer: (c)A feeling of belonging

26. Which substance does not cross the blood brain barrier?
Answer: (c)Insulin

27. The drug of choice for epidural administration of analgesia is:
Answer: (a)Morphine

28. The antiatherosclerotic lipoprotein is:
Answer: (c)HDL

29. The daily dose of cyclosporine is:
(a)20 mg/kg
(b)40 mg/kg
(c)10 mg/kg
Answer: (c)10 mg/kg

30. Pheumocexcus can be differentiated from streptococcus by:
(a)Growth characteristics
(b)Bile solubility
(c)Type of haemolysis
(d)Gram staining
Answer: (d)Gram staining

31. What is the advantage of Unipolar ECT over Bipolar ECT?
(a)Less memory disturbance
(b)Doesn’t require anaesthesia
(c)Better therapeutic effect
(d)More safe
Answer: (a)Less memory disturbance

32. Cutaneous larve migrane is due to:
(c)Ankylostomo brazilliences
(d)W. brancrofti
Answer: (c)Ankylostomo brazilliences

33. Hypermnesia in seen in:
(b)Obsessive compulsive neurosis
(c)Certain gifted prodigies
(d)All are correct
Answer: (d)All are correct

34. Drug which is contraindicated in head injury?
Answer: (a)Morphine

35. Pica is:
(a)Associated with parasitic infestations
(b)Most common between 18 months and six years of age
(c)Eating of non-nutritive substance regularly for at least one month
(d)All are correct
Answer: (d)All are correct

36. Large antigen-antibody reaction is required to cause:
(b)Anaphylactic reaction
(c)Serum sickness
(d)Arthus reaction
Answer: (d)Arthus reaction

37. Dejavu is a discover of:
Answer: (c)Memory

38. Single skin lesion is seen in which type of leprosy?
Answer: (d)TT

39. Normal mid arm circumference to head circumference in children is:
Answer: (a)0.32-0.33

40. Cerebrosides contain which of the following?
Answer: (b)Sphinogosine

41. In India at present infant mortality per thousand is around.
Answer: (a)80

42. Attention defict disorder is characterized by which of the following:
(b)In attention
(d)All are true
Answer: (d)All are true

43. In diet therapy of under nourished children, the mineral supplement should include:
Answer: (c)Potassium

44. Adrenaline acts on which enzyme in glycegenolysis?
(b)Gluco disphosphates
Answer: (a)Phosphorylace

45. The highest stratum of needs in the hierarchy is:
(a)Self actualization
Answer: (a)Self actualization

46. Organic causes of delirium include:
(a)Carcinoid syndrome
(b)Multiple sclerosis
(d)All are true
Answer: (d)All are true

47. Appreciation of self appears during:
(a)3rd year
(b)5th year
(c)2nd year
(d)1st year
Answer: (c)2nd year

48. Nursing means:
(a)It is an artificial art and science
(b)It is an illegal issues help enhancing performance
(c)Diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual and potential health problems.
(d)None of these
Answer: (c)Diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual and potential health problems.

49. A violet Blue discoloration of the vaginal membrance is,
(b)Hebber’s sign
(c)Hegar’s sign
(d)Osiander’s sign
Answer: (a)Jacquemier’s

50. Most common post-operative psychiatric condition is:
(a)Acute Psychotic Episode
(b)Manic episode
Answer: (c)Delirium

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