LDC English Model Questions

General English Model Questions and Answers for LDC Examination preparation.

1. I will write a letter to you ………. the dates of the programme
Answer: (c)indicating

2. A group of bacteria is called:
Answer: (d)Culture

LDC English Model Questions

3. The antonym of ‘abide’ is:
Answer: (b)Violate

4. You may wait here ………….. I return.
(b)as long
Answer: (d)till

5. The meaning of ‘Dutch Act’ is:
(c)Start up
(d)Continue in action
Answer: (b)Suicide

6. Everyone needs help………….?
(a)don’t they?
(b)do they?
(c)does they?
(d)doesn’t they
Answer: (a)don’t they?

7. The phrase ‘vis-a-vis’ means:
(d)That is all
Answer: (a)Opposite

8. We will not go out unless it ……….raining
(a)had stopped
(d)will stop
Answer: (b)stops

9. A government ruled by a few person is called:
Answer: (d)Oligarchy

10. The passive form of ‘Someone gave me a pen’ is:
(a)I am given a pen
(b)I was given a pen
(c)I have given a pen
(d)I give a pen
Answer: (b)I was given a pen

11. She refused ………….. the work entrusted.
(a)to be done
(c)to do
Answer: (c)to do

12. Excessive fear towards everything.
Answer: (b)Panophobia

13. She is as fair as a:
Answer: (d)Rose

14. Spare the road and ………… the child.
Answer: (d)spoil

15. Ask her ………….
(a)whether she realizes
(b)whether she realize
(c)whether she to realize
(d)whether she should realize
Answer: (a)whether she realizes

16. Which is the correctly spelt word:
Answer: (a)Bureaucracy

17. ‘Do you like coffee’ she asked. The indirect speech form of this sentence is:
(a)She said I liked coffee
(b)She asks I like coffee
(c)She asked whether I liked coffee
(d)She asked whether I like coffee
Answer: (c)She asked whether I liked coffee

18. The filing of the records…………… over.
Answer: (a)is

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