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LDC Exam Study Materials: PART - 4

Model Questions and answers for preparing Kerala PSC LDC, Staff Nurse, Assistant Grade and other Examinations.

Chemical Co-ordination in Animals

1. Which Gland is commonly known as Biological clock?
Answer: Pineal gland

2. Hormone produced more in darkness?
Answer: Melatonin

3. Gland like pink leaf?
Answer: Pancreas

4. The gland that secretes both an Enzyme and a hormone?
Answer: Pancreas

5. The gland which has both endocrine and exocrine function?
Answer: Pancreas

6. The Endocrine part of the pancreas is known as:
Answer: Islets of langerhans

7. Alpha cells of Islets secrete?
Answer: Glucogen

8. Beta cells of Islets secrete?
Answer: Insulin

9. Hormone which controls the level of sugar in the body?
Answer: Insulin

10. Deficiency of Insulin leads to excess sugar in the blood known as?
Answer: Diabetes mellitus

11. Birth hormone?
Answer: Oxytoxin

12. Milk ejection hormone?
Answer: Oxytoxin

13. Hormone secreted by hypothalamus?
Answer: Vasopressin and Oxytoxin

14. An Anti Diuretic Hormone (ADH)?
Answer: Vasopressin

15. Hyposecretion of ADH causes a disorder known as?
Answer: Diabetes insipidus

16. Hormone promotes the reabsorption of water by kidney tubules?
Answer: Vasopressin

17. Supra renal gland?
Answer: Adrenal gland

18. Pyramid shaped yellowish gland situated over the kidney?
Answer: Adrenal glands

19. Emergency gland?
Answer: Adrenal glands

20. Emergency Hormone?
Answer: Adrenaline

21. Hormone raises the rate of heart beat and blood pressure?
Answer: Adrenaline

22. Antistrees hormone?
Answer: Cortiso

23. Male sex hormone?
Answer: Androgens

24. Female sex hormone?
Answer: Oestrogens

25. Pregnancy hormone?
Answer: Progesterone

Note: We are providing these questions and answers in English because of the easiness; but medium of questions in LDC 2013 Exam will be in Malayalam.

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