Junior Inspector of Co Operative Societies Exam Model Questions

Model Questions and answers for preparing Junior Co operative Inspector Examination.

1. Co-operative Flag was designed by?
Answer: Charles Gide

2. Maximum strength of the managing committee of primary co operative society is ..........?
Answer: 15

3. Maximum amount of Co operative Education Fund set apart from the net profit of a Co operative society is ..........?
Answer: Rs. 60000

4. Autonomy and Independence is the .......... Co operative principle?
Answer: 4th

5. Maximum validity of a cheque is ..........?
Answer: 3 Months

6. The Chief Executive of the Society shall prepare the financial statements and statutory statements within .......... months from the close of financial year?
Answer: 1

7. CRR in commercial Banks is deposited in ..........
(a) RBI
(b) SBI
(d) None of these
Answer: RBI

8. In CAMELS rating C stands for ..........?
Answer: Capital adequacy

9. Bank provides OD facility in .......... account?
Answer: Current account

10. The basis of quantum of mortgaged loan to be sanctioned by the banker to the borrower is ..........?
Answer: Valuation Certificate

11. Expansion of the term KYC?
Answer: Know Your Customer

12. Audit of .......... shall be placed before the Legislative Assembly?
(a) UCB
(b) Apex Co-operative
(c) Regional Co-op
(d) All Co-operatives
Answer: Apex Co-operative

13. Maximum number of Earned leave to be created in the leave account of employee is ..........
Answer: 300 days

14. Maximum amount of pension admissible to an employee of District Co-operative Bank in Kerala is ..........?
Answer: Rs. 17500

15. Annual General Body Meeting of a Co operative Society should be convened within .......... from the close of the financial year.
Answer: 6 Months

16. Co operative Ombudsman in Kerala is set by ..........?
Answer: Government of Kerala

17. The retirement age of an employee of Co operative society shall be .......... years?
Answer: 58

18. What is the present CRR?
Answer: 4%

19. Who is the present Registrar of Co operative societies of Kerala?
Answer: Gopala Krishna Bhat

20. Who is recently appointed as the chairman of Life Insurance Corporation of India?
Answer: S.K Roy

21. Robert Owen was born at Newtown in ..........?
Answer: 1771

22. Co operative Ombudsman appointed under section 69 A of KCS Act 1969 shall .......... Year of Bar Practice?
Answer: 15

23. Which is the first formed urban bank in 1904 in India?
Answer: Kanjeevaram

24. Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Co operative society started in England ..........?
Answer: 1844

25. How many Co-operative principles are there in right now?
Answer: 7

Co-operative Principles
1. Voluntary and open membership
2. Democratic member control
3. Member economic participation
4. Autonomy and independence
5. Education Training and information
6. Co-operation among Co-operatives
7. Concern for community

26. The Co operative Credit Societies Act came into force in ..........?
Answer: 1904

27. Co operative movement originated first in ..........?
Answer: England

28. The word Journal is derived from jour in which language?
Answer: French

29. Father of Co operative Movement in India?
Answer: Frederic Nicholson

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