Kerala PSC LDC Exam 2013 Model Questions

Model Questions and answers for preparing Kerala PSC Lower Division Clerk Examination 2013-2014.


Kerala PSC LDC Exam 2013 Model Questions

1. Who founded the Maurya dynasty?
Answer: Chandragupta Maurya

2. Who founded the Gupta empire?
Answer: Maharaja Sri Gupta

3. Who founded the Sunga dynasty?
Answer: Pusyamitra Sunga

4. The founder of Kanva dynasty?
Answer: Vasudeva

5. Kadphises founded ........ dynasty.
Answer: Kushana

6. Jayasimha is the founder of ....... dynasty.
Answer: Chalukya

7. Who founded the Satavahana dynasty?
Answer: Simukha

8. The Rashtrakuta dynasty was founded by:
Answer: Dantidurga

9. Vijayalaya founded ........ dynasty.
Answer: Chola

10. The founder of Vakataka dynasty:
Answer: Vindyasakthi

11. The Solanki dynasty was founded by:
Answer: Mulraj

12. Toramana is founder of ......... rule in India.
Answer: Huna

13. Vardhana dynasty was founded by:
Answer: Pushyabhuti

14. The founder of Pallava dynasty:
Answer: Simhavishnu

15. The Slave dynasty was founded by:
Answer: Qutubbdin Aibek

16. The Khilji dynasty was founded by:
Answer: Jalaluddin Khilji

17. The founder of Tughlaq dynasty:
Answer: Ghiassudin Tughlaq

18. The founder of Sayyid dynasty:
Answer: Khizr Khan

19. Who founded the Lodi dynasty?
Answer: Bahlul Lodi

20. The founder of Mughal dynasty:
Answer: Babur

21. Who is regarded as the real founder of Mughal empire in India:
Answer: Akbar

22. Sher Shah founded ........ dynasty:
Answer: Sur

23. The founder of Pala dynasty:
Answer: Gopala

24. Bahmani dynasty was founded by:
Answer: Hassan

25. Harihara and Bukka founded ......... empire.
Answer: Vijaynagar

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