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Teaching Aptitude Model Questions with Answers.

1. If some of the students in the class are found to be using intoxicants, the teacher should
(a)Inform police
(b)Inform the headmaster
(c)Advice them properly
(d)Punish them
Ans. Advice them properly

2. The mental development of the child most closely parallels an increase in:
(a)His ability to get along with others.
(b)His ability to profit from experience
(c)His stock of knowledge
(d)His ability to memorize
Ans. His ability to profit from experience

3. Which of the following is not a valuable feedback for a teacher?
Ans. Librarian

4. Which of the following is true about modern evaluation system in secondary school?
(a)Encourages root learning
(b)Continuous evaluation system
(c)Product oriented evaluation
(d)Summative evaluation system
Ans. Continuous evaluation system

5. Majority of the teachers in your school want you to be the staff secretary. You are not very confident. How will you react to the proposal?
(a)Tell them curtly, that you wouldn’t take it up
(b)Tell them that you are not the apt person
(c)Accept the challenge seeking their co-operation in all matters.
(d)Suggest the name of somebody instead
Ans. Accept the challenge seeking their co-operation in all matters.

6. Who is the best motivator of a student at school?
(a)The teacher
(b)The headmaster
(c)The management
(d)Peer group
Ans. The teacher

7. Better schooling tends to raise intelligence:
(b)Only to some extent
(c)Don’t know
Ans. True

8. In a PTA meeting, how would you behave?
(a)Answer very shortly for the questions asked by the parents
(b)Discuss the abilities and weaknesses of the child
(c)Introduce them to the principal
(d)Try to avoid interaction with the parents
Ans. Discuss the abilities and weaknesses of the child

9. Quality of teaching is based on:
(a)Discipline in the class room
(b)Attainment of information
(c)Development of rapport with students
(d)Overall development of students
Ans. Overall development of students

10. What step will you take, if the noise from the neighbouring class disturbs your teaching?
(a)Go to that class and openly tell the teacher that the noise is quiet distressing
(b)Make a complaint to the principal about the class.
(c)Have a friendly talk with the teacher at some convenient time and discuss about a solution
(d)Go to the class immediately and scold the teacher
Ans. Go to that class and openly tell the teacher that the noise is quiet distressing

11. To help a student to select the course of study for higher education is:
(a)Vocational guidance
(b)Personal guidance
(c)Educational guidance
(d)None of these
Ans. Educational guidance

12. An effective teacher should:
(a)Induce the students to learn
(b)Increase pass precentage
(c)Help the students in preparing good notes
(d)Fininsh the course in time
Ans. Induce the students to learn

13. One of your colleagues request you to do a favour while evauating a student. Whatwould you do in this situation?
(a)Advice him not to do undesirable things
(b)Pretend to oblige, but do not do any favour
(c)Evaluate the answer book objectively
(d)Scold him and deny the request
Ans. Evaluate the answer book objectively

14. Which of the following is not a defence mechanism?
Ans. Suppression

15. Why do you prefer teaching profession?
(a)Reasonably good salary
(b)It is a comfortable vocation
(c)It is a noble profession
(d)It is a less responsible vocation
Ans. It is a noble profession

16. “Stress should be laid on principle of Co-operative activity, flowing accuracy, initiative and individual responsibilty in learning” has been stated by:
Ans. Gandhiji

17. A student raises questions in the classroom. The teacher should:
(a)Scold him for disturbing the whole class
(b)Advise him to learn well
(c)Appraise him and do answer to his question
(d)Pay no attention
Ans. Appraise him and do answer to his question

18. A free democratic classroom will be best suited for:
(a)Children who lacks emotional security
(b)Children from authoritarian homes
(c)Children being trained to become free citizen
(d)Children with strong need for guidance
Ans. Children being trained to become free citizen

19. Teachers who are anthusiastic in the class room teaching:
(a)Simply dramatize to hold the student’s attention
(b)Involve the students in the teaching learning process
(c)Often lack proficiency in the subjects
(d)All of the above
Ans. Involve the students in the teaching learning process

20. Which of the following teacher traits are the reasons given by children for not liking the teacher?
(a)Ignorance of the subject matter
(b)Unfairness and favouritism
(c)Unreasonable demands on the children
(d)Irritable and bad temperament
Ans. Irritable and bad temperament

21. Creativity in the classroom can be promoted by:
(a)Giving creativity exercises
(b)Giving rewards for new ideas
(c)Identifying creative children
(d)All the above
Ans. All the above

22. Educational psychology is oriented towards:
(a)The application of the principles and techniques of psychology to the solution of the problems of the class room
(b)The definition of goals for which the teacher should strive
(c)The identification of potentially successful educational procedure
(d)The study of the peculiarities of indivdual children
Ans. The application of the principles and techniques of psychology to the solution of the problems of the class room

23. The capacity to think rationally and act purposefully is:
Ans. Intelligence

24. If students do not understand what is taught in the classroom, the teacher should feel,
(a)Terribly bored
(b)To explain it in a different way
(c)That he is wasting time
(d)Pity for the students
Ans. To explain it in a different way

25. Which of the following provides more freedom to the learner to interact?
(a)Large group discussion
(c)Lecture by experts
(d)Small group discussion
Ans. Small group discussion

26. The first important step in teaching is:
(a)Organising material to be taught
(b)Knowing the background of students
(c)None of these
(d)Planning before hand
Ans. Knowing the background of students

27. A child who is in the habit of stealing is to be dealt with:
(d)None of the above
Ans. Counselling

28. Which characteristics from the following is least connected with a teacher?
(a)Command over subject matter
(b)Command respect from political leaders
(c)Effective verbal communication
(d)Good rapport with the students
Ans. Command respect from political leaders

29. General backwardness in learning arises from:
(a)Extrinsic conditions
(b)Transfer of parents
(c)Intellectual deficiency
(d)None of the above
Ans. Extrinsic conditions

30. An effective teacher:
(a)Develops higher thinking power in students
(b)Prepares students to pass the examination
(c)Dictates notes to the students
(d)Gives information related to the syllabus
Ans. Develops higher thinking power in students

31. To all around drawing out of the best in child and man, in body, mind and spirit is the aim of education according to:
Ans. Gandhiji

32. What will you do as a teacher if the students do not attend your class?
(a)Keep quiet, considering the present attitude of students
(b)Think of using some teaching aids for teaching
(c)Know the reasons, and try to remove them
(d)Blame the students for their absence
Ans. Know the reasons, and try to remove them

33. A defence mechanism by which the individual justifies his beliefs and actions by giving false reasons.
Ans. Rationalisation

34. Which one of the following is an intellectual skill ?
Ans. Teaching

35. An example for primary group:
(a)Crowd in a market
(b)Passengers in bus
(d)Trade unions
Ans. Family

36. If majority of students in a large class are invariably found dozing, there may be something wrong with:
(a)The teaching process
(b)The physical atmosphere of the calss room
(c)The students concerned
(d)All of the above
Ans. All of the above

37. PTA refers to:
(a)Parent Teacher Association
(b)Private Tutors Association
(c)Principal Teachers Association
(d)Private Teacher’s Association
Ans. Parent Teacher Association

38. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a good question paper?
Ans. Subjectivity

39. Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man-is a famous quotation made by:
Ans. Vivekananda

40. Immediate feedback is an essential characteristic of:
(a)Micro teaching
(b)Team teaching
(c)Practise teaching
(d)Shared teaching
Ans. Micro teaching

41. Which of the following is not a defect of our examination system?
(a)Examination assess only rote memory
(b)Ignores creative abilities
(c)Continuous and comprehensive evaluation system
(d)Over emphasis to written examination
Ans. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation system

42. A programme organised for the drop-outs and working class people to secure a university degree through non-formal agencies of education.
(a)Continuing education
(b)Populaion education
(c)Compensatory education
Ans. Continuing education

43. Which of the following is the main cause of indiscipline in schools?
(a)Over crowded classroom
(b)Lack of good administration
(c)Cruel punishments
(d)All the above
Ans. All the above

44. Adult education should be under the authority of:
(a)Non government organisation
(b)Private sector
(c)Educated persons
Ans. Non government organisation

45. Teaching aids are useful for classroom instruction for:
(a)Making teaching within understanding level
(b)The sake of its use
(c)None of these
(d)Reducing verbalism
Ans. Making teaching within understanding level

46. “Education is life, not a preparation for life”. This statement summarizes one important aspect of the educational philosophy of:
(d)John Dewey
Ans. John Dewey

47. KER means:
(a)Kendra Education Rules
(b)Kerala Educational Regulation
(c)Kendra Editors Rules
(d)Kerala Education Rules
Ans. Kerala Education Rules

48. ‘Main streaming’ is a term associated with:
(a)Environment education
(b)Education for the handicapped
(c)Interage class grouping
(d)Career education
Ans. Education for the handicapped

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