UGC NET Exam Questions

Model questions and answers for UGC-NET Exam including Environmental Education and Communication.

Environmental Education

1. Ranganthittoo bird sanctuary is in the state of:
Ans. Karnataka

2. Environment (Protection) Act was passed in the year:
Ans. 1986

3. ISO/ AWI 14062 stands for:
Ans. Guidelines for integrating environmental aspect into product development

4. Date of Montreal Protocol:
Ans. September 16, 1987

5. February 2nd is celebrated as:
Ans. World Wetland Day

6. Chipko Andolan started in the state of:
Ans. UP

7. Jaldapara sanctuary is in the state of:
Ans. West Bengal

8. Green consumer day is celebrated on:
Ans. 28th September

9. Tropopause is:
Ans. The boundary layer dividing the stratosphere from the troposphere

10. The movement that took place in Gopeshwar against felling of Ash tree
Ans. Chipko

11. Project Elephant was established in the year:
Ans. 1992

12. Deepest and Biggest Ocean is:
Ans. The Pacific Ocean

13. Number of Hot spots in the world:
Ans. 25

14. Aswan Dam is in:
Ans. Egypt

15. The person who conducted a peace march of about 3000 km against deforestation.
Ans. Sunderlal Bahuguna

16. World Environment Day is celebrated on:
Ans. 5th June

17. The biosphere reserve that started in 1986 is:
Ans. Nilgiri

18. The Eco label taken by Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland is:
Ans. White Swan

19. Red Tides are formed due to:
Ans. Eutrophication

20. IUCN headquarters is in:
Ans. Switzerland

21. National Commission on Agricultural started in India in the year:
Ans. 1976

22. Project Tiger was established in the year:
Ans. 1973

23. The country which has Blue Angel as their Eco label?
Ans. Germany

24. Mesopause is the layer that:
Ans. Separate the Mesosphere from the Thermosphere

25. Wildlife week is celebrated from:
Ans. October 1-7

26. July 11th is:
Ans. World Population Day

27. ISO 14024 stands for:
Ans. Environmental labels and declaration Type 1, Environmental labelling principles and procedures.

28. Explain EIA?
Ans. Environmental Impact Assessment

29. Mesosphere is the layer above:
Ans. Stratoshere

30. The ozone friendly refrigerant chemical deployed by Indian Institute of Chemical Technology is:
Ans. HFC- 1340

31. Eco mark is the Eco label of:
Ans. Japan and India

32. The life zone of the Earth is:
Ans. Biosphere

33. Expand WWF:
Ans. World Wild life Fund

34. World Forestry Day is celebrated on:
Ans. March 21st

35. ISO 14001 stands for:
Ans. Environmental Management System Specification with guidance for use

36. The most beautiful wild life sanctuary of Rajasthan near Alwar is:
Ans. Sariska

37. A substance that occurs in the environment as a result of human activities and which has a deleterious effect or the environment:
Ans. Pollutant

38. Hazaribagh National park is in the state of:
Ans. Jharkand


1. Which of the following teachers will you like most?
a)One who uses chart and maps
b)One who uses film projector along with the proper use of the board
c)One who uses board occasionally
d)One who uses motion picture as a last resort
Ans. One who uses film projector along with the proper use of the board

2. Education is a:
a)Two way communication
b)Teacher oriented
c)One way communication
d)School oriented
Ans. Two way communication

3. Which of the following cannot be a good way of communication in promoting literacy among villagers?
a)Reading and Writing
b)Providing Material on TV and film projector
d)Large group discussion
Ans. Reading and Writing

4. Which is most desirable?
a)The teacher should speak clearly and loudly
b)The teacher should not allow students to make noise in the class
c)The teacher should make good use of the black board
d)The teacher should explain simply as possible difficult aspects of the subject matter.
Ans. The teacher should explain simply as possible difficult aspects of the subject matter.

5. Overhead projector is superior to short circuit TV in a classroom teaching because:
a)Pictures in it may be shown in a desired sequence and with a minimum of lost motion (material)
b)Information presented through it is easily retained
c)It is cheap and self devised
d)It is easy to use
Ans. Pictures in it may be shown in a desired sequence and with a minimum of lost motion (material)
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