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Model Questions and Answers for preparing Staff Nurse Grade Examination. 

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1. Schizopherenia - like psychosis hallucinations can occur with abuse of:

2. Best laboratory method to diagnose AIDS is:
(b)Oxford test
(c)Western blot test

3. A positive mantoux test is in duration above:
(a)10x10 mm
(b)20x20 mm
(c)15x15 mm
(d)5x5 mm

4. Which of the following lesions refers to Pulmonary tuberculosis?
(a)Simio’s focus
(b)Puhl’s lesion
(c)Ghon’s focus
(d)All are correct

5. Glycogen synthetase is increased by:

6. The commonest 1 gG with maximum individual variation is:
(a)1g G2
(b)1g G4
(c)1g G3
(d)1g G1

7. The incubation period in filariasis is:
(a)1-2 months
(b)1-2 years
(c)5-10 months
(d)1-2 weeks

8. The incidence of infectious cases of Leprosy in India is:

9. All are oncogenic viruses EXCEPT:
(a)Reo virus
(b)Human papilloma virus
(c)Retro virus
(d)EB virus

10. Which toxin of streptococcus cause Chemolysis?

11. Good Pasteur’s syndrome is an example of which type of immunological injury?
(a)Type II
(b)Type IV
(c)Type III
(d)Type I

12. Classical pathway activation requires which ion?
(d)None of these

13. Communist international may be classified as an institution in the class:

14. Smallest DNA virus is:
(a)Adeno virus
(b)Pox virus
(c)Parvo virus
(d)Herpes virus

15. Opacity around colonies of Clostridium per fringes is due to:
(d)Theta toxin

16. Thymoma is associated with all EXCEPT:
(a)Hyper gamma globulinemia
(c)Red cellaplasia
(d)Graves disease

17. Bollinger bodies are seen in:
(a)Cow pox
(b)Small pox
(c)Fowl pox
(d)Chicken pox

18. Generation time of tuberculosis bacillus is:
(a)20 minutes
(b)4 weeks
(c)48 hours
(d)20 days

19. Tyndallization is a type of:
(d)Intermittent sterilization

20. The reaginic antibody is:

21. The denominator for the breech presentation is:

22. Which of the following is a fibre in diet?
(d)All of those

23. Recommended daily allowance of Vitamin B12 is:
(a)2 mg
(b)10 mg
(c)5 mg
(d)1 mg

24. Prevalence rate of psychoses in general population is:

25. All of the following are subtypes of schizophrenia, EXCEPT:

26. Foetal kidneys starts functioning from:
(a)12 weeks
(b)10 weeks
(c)20 weeks
(d)16 weeks

27. The most commonly used colloidal solution to treat hypovolemic shock is:
(a)5% albumin
(b)6% hetastarch
(c)6% dextran
(d)Blood products

28. Delusions of guilt are more common in:
(d)Paranoid disorder

29. Fallopian tube is lined by:
(a)Stratified epithelium
(b)Germinal epithelium
(c)Ciliated epithelium
(d)Columnar epithelium

30. Freud’s name of Freud is associated with:
(a)Oedipal complex
(b)Operant conditioning
(c)Scientific classification of psychiatric disorders

31. Who is known for promoting Human treatment of mentally ill?

32. The drug of choise for cardiac pain relief is:

33. Xenographs used for value replacement have a viability of about:
(a)4 years
(b)12 years
(c)8 years
(d)2 years

34. Recommended daily dose of niacin is:
(a)4.4 mg/1000 k cal
(b)8.8 mg/ 1000 k cal
(c)6.6 mg/1000 k cal
(d)2.2 mg/1000 k cal

35. The negative feedback on parathormone secretion is by:
(a)Serum phosphorus
(b)Vitamin D3
(c)Serum calcium
(d)All of these

36. Incidence of Bulimia in obesity is:

37. Which was the first phenothiazine to be used in Psychiatry:

38. Which of the following best describes the type of emotional arousal which can improve performance at a task?
(a)High levels
(b)Prolonged intense levels
(c)Intense burst
(d)Low levels

39.Interavtion of a persons constitution and personality with his:
(b)Financial situation
(c)Work situation

40. RBC’s are enlarged in infection with:
(a)P. malaria
(b)P. vivax
(c)P. falciparom

41. The following are characterized by brady cardiac EXCEPT:
(b)Yellow fever

42. Contact dermatitis is:
(a)Type II
(b)Type IV
(c)Type III
(d)Type I hypersensitivity

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